Kayak Fishing 101

Written By:  D&R Sports Center May 15, 2018 at 12:50 pm

Kayak Fishing 101

For those who want to fish offshore but don’t want to tow a boat everywhere, kayak fishing is a great alternative. A kayak is more convenient to use, and allows for more access to small, remote areas that a boat cannot get to. Kayaking is easy to get the hang of and is a fun and different way to fish.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a kayak:

  • What bodies of water (lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.) are going to be fished?
  • What type of fishing will the angler be doing? (Bass fishing, fly fishing, etc.)
  • How will the kayak be transported?
  • Are there enough storage and/or customization options?

Find The Right Fit

Some kayaks are intended for recreational use, but can be used to fish out of. If an angler is looking to get serious about kayaking fishing however, there are kayaks designed to be ideal for fishing. The Jackson Kilroy is a sit-inside kayak with many of the fishing features found in sit-on-top kayaks. There’s lots of protected storage for tackle or other gear, as well as rod tubes along the sidewalls. The Kilroy is very stable and would make for a great kayak for a beginner, or expert, kayak angler.

If an angler is looking for a kayak that is built for a great day of fishing, the Jackson Liska is a great option. The wide hull on the Liska makes the kayak more stable and creates more space for gear. The extra stability makes it an easy kayak to stand in, and the adjustable seat makes it comfortable to sit and paddle. There are a lot of details with the angler in mind that make the Liska a solid fishing kayak.

Fishing and Beyond

Many kayaks are very stable, but they do not have the same stability as a traditional boat. It’s very important to keep this in mind when fishing out of a kayak, as well as to be well-prepared in case something was to go wrong. Wearing a life jacket is important, and required in many kayak fishing tournaments.

Kayak fishing is a fun way to enjoy time spent on the water, with more convenience and less cost than many fishing boats. There are tons of options for customizing a fishing kayak, from adding rod holders to installing fish finders and anchoring systems. For more information on what kayaks or accessories are available, click here.